About the Feadship Heritage Fleet

Heritage doesn't just happen overnight

About the Heritage Fleet

The Feadship Heritage Fleet is an association for the owners of registered Feadships that are more than thirty years old. It has three key objectives:

  • UNITE owners of classic Feadship yachts
  • PROMOTE continuance of the Feadship yachting heritage
  • ORGANISE member events and offer services related to their yachts.

There are an incredible number of Feadships still sailing that were launched more than three decades ago. As well as being a testimony to Feadship standards of construction, many of these yachts have been scrupulously maintained by their owners. They are very proud of the heritage of their yacht and still enjoy cruising the world in the style and comfort which is so very unique to the Feadship brand.

The inaugural meeting of the association took place on 16 April 2013 in the historic De Roode Leeuw restaurant in Amsterdam, which was also the location of the very first Feadship meeting in late 1949. Now the activities of the Feadship Heritage Fleet continue to make history as we bring together the classics in a unique way.

If your Feadship was originally built by one of the following shipyards in the specified periods and at least 30 years old, then you can apply for membership of the Feadship Heritage Fleet.

E.G. Van der Stadt, Zaandam1949August 1953
Nicolaas Witsen & Vis, Alkmaar1949October 1957
Het Fort
G. de Vries Lentsch, Nieuwendam
1949January 1958
W.P.M. Akerboom, Lisse1949March 1968
C. van Lent & zonen, Kaag1849present
De Vlijt
Gebr.de Vries, Aalsmeer
Haarlemsche scheepswerf
H.W.de Voogt