Ale II

Ale II

About Ale II

In the late sixties, Johan de Vries prepared a large number of designs for motor and sail yachts. Several were built on spec and sold on boat shows, including the 16.85m Katja in 1966, the 24.51m Ale II and the 17.25m Mi-Do II in 1968.


General info
  • Launch name Ale II
  • Current name Magica Stella
  • Previous names Ale II, Sabra, Ale
  • Build year 1968
  • Hull number 595
  • Yard Koninklijke de Vries
  • Length 24.50m 80'5''
  • Beam 5.76m / 18'11"
  • Draught 1.83m / 6'1"

  • Guests 8