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Changes in the Secretariat

On behalf of the Feadship Heritage Fleet I would like to once more express our enormous gratitude to Theo Hooning and Robert van Tol for their great work since the foundation of the association. They not only served as the secretariat but also provided lots of valuable counselling and advice regarding issues such as the legal form and structure.

Theo and Robert never missed an event or meeting over the past years and always had a constructive approach towards growing the FHF. We will also always remember the unrivalled enthusiasm shown by Robert during the General Assemblies when it came to recruiting new members… No one could escape!

As a board, we regret that we had to go our separate ways as Theo and Robert focus fully on their work for SYBAss. But we sure look forward to seeing them again in a personal capacity at one of our upcoming events!

Meanwhile, the communication and organisation of the secretariat have been handed over to the Feadship Marketing team where Marijn Smit will be the contact for members. The financial administration, meeting notes and statutes will be taken care of by Branche Partners.