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GO WEST - Taking the FHF to America

Having firmly established itself in Europe, the Feadship Heritage Fleet is now looking across the ocean to the United States. This is a part of the world with plenty of Feadships above thirty years of age, and we fervently believe that our association can have a positive impact on the lives of their owners.

This conviction is based on various factors. Firstly, America was for decades the main market for Feadship and is still one of the most important. In fact, Feadship owes its very existence to the fact that the United States was the only place in the post-war climate that had money to spend on luxury yachts when the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders was originally founded in 1949. The Feadship brand achieved global fame in the 1950s and 1960s because of its triumph in conquering the American market and building Feadships for pillars of the US business world like Henry Ford and Malcom Forbes.

Classic associations

There are a considerable number of classic Feadships in the US still today and we are keen to cater for their owners in the same way as we do in Europe. The perfect foundations for an association like ours are certainly already present: just consider the outstanding popularity of classic car clubs in the United States – any Ferrari owners’ event will be visited by an amazing number of people.

The challenge for us is to find the right angle to get those who treasure Feadships in the same way to join the FHF. The fact that America is such a large county is not in itself a problem because the Feadships are relatively concentrated in the New England/New York, Florida, and California/West Coast regions, with very few on the inland lakes.

Reaching critical mass

The challenge to the FHF board and all its members is to develop a programme that caters for enough Feadship owners in the US that we can reach critical mass... The tipping point where enough people join an event to make the following events unmissable. This happened in Europe, where we had fifteen members in no time and people were willing to work hard on building an infrastructure.

To start the process stateside we have appointed Chapman Ducote as board member. Chapman and his wife, the author Kristin Ducote, own the 1952 Feadship La Vie Vite (ex. Anahita V). They’ve already been spreading the word on the FHF via articles in Boat International, Super Yacht Owner and Showboats – and now we would like you to help too.

How you can help

Please report to the board any potential new members in the US. Let us know if you see a vessel that is not on the member list, providing us with the name of the captain or, preferably of course, the owners, so we can reach out to them. These referrals will be crucial to our future growth in America. We are also open to any suggestions for events that we could hold or in which we could participate in this part of the world.

Contact us via info@feadshipheritagefleet.nl and let’s make this happen together.