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Yacht pages by Studio Stomp

Yacht Place - Manage your charter promotions the easy way.

To all yacht owners and captain crews in search of a consistent way to expedite their charter promotion: your search ends here.

Studio Stomp - the digital department of Feadship and official sponsor of the Feadship Heritage Fleet - designed a platform exclusively for Feadship Heritage Fleet members: Yacht.place

Yacht.place provides every owner with an user friendly website building platform. Yacht.place barrier free building blocks instantly make every yacht owner a website designer.

Just select the components that are relevant to you and within a westerly, your yacht is showcased to the world. Yacht.place converts your “Seapearl” into the website: seapearl.yacht.place.

This digital podium awards your yacht with all the background information that benefits the value. It motivates potential charterers to check availability and book when possible. Prosper from this handson platform as Studio Stomp patrons Feadship Heritage Fleet members with a €1500,discount. That’s how much we care.

Yacht.place –oversees your yacht charter promotion

Please visit the website or contact us directly:

Website: http://yacht.place
Telephone: 020 618 78 37
Email: yacht.place@studiostomp.nl